Today’s Temperatures – Michael Trocchia

From the pluck and fear of a first-
person’s distance, I report our weathered
madness in short.             I make room

for atonement, a sick feast, and I go
about hammering thin our thick
and fatty sensitivity, a hint of cloud
smashed into its darkness. A new chronology

is in order, and we must usurp the panting—
for the breath longs to be flung from the lung
against a grit wind. Oh my fabric tongue,
my detailed purchase, what beloved sentence,
a warm wound inside the lower lip with not
a slip of meaning nor is the whir of dust-
covered fans a frivolous thing but cooling
the world of its only children and kiss.

About the Author: Michael Trocchia lives in the Shenandoah Valley, where he teaches philosophy and works in the library at James Madison University. His poems and prose have appeared in journals such as Baltimore Review, The Boiler, Tarpaulin Sky, Open Letters Monthly, and Vestal Review. Visit him at

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