The Moment Passes – Avi Prager

sitting silently in solitude
the passing hours feel like the following:

a cow in the kitchen
entering Vermont from the west coast
entering Vermont from the east coast
entering Vermont from Canada
entering Vermont from any, and maybe just perhaps all foreign countries
Vermont, just plain Ole Vermont, it’s a weird place
bugs crawling on my skin
my skin crawling on the bathroom floor
the bathroom floor crawling with bugs
and I wonder
who’s in the kitchen
who’s in the bathroom
who is in Vermont


About the Author: Avi Prager is a short transgender poet. Hailing from the Bay Area, Avi has spent his adult life in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR. He likes to read, write, and talk about disability and hope, and is just starting to share his voice and his poetry with the world outside his living room.

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