Love Like a Waning Moon – stephanie roberts

like salmon mad for upriver
the way the monarch
is a milkweed junkie
strung out cat’s cradle
around your fingertips.
this hunger is geese
with ironed alphabet in wings
making south as an arrow
of screams cleaves
lodging near your sweet
fourth rib. the same vacant haunt
of screech owl
head on backwards
eyes demented for scurry
tearing the blueberry night
apart. sharp as the click
and swallow of the word
in the ocean’s moans of
why moon why?


About the Author: stephanie roberts dreams of accurately incarnating the evolution of a final vocabulary of love, that is visceral and elegant. Her poetry is featured or forthcoming in numerous journals, in North America and Europe, including Arcturus, The Maine Review, The Stockholm Review of Literature, Room and Blue Lyra Review. She was a recent finalist in the Anomalous Press Open Reading and the 7th Eyewear Publishing LTD Fortnight Prize. Twitter & Instagram @ringtales.

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