Scene V – stephanie roberts

I don’t know how to stay tender with this much blood in my mouth.
–emma tranter, fairytalephoenix tumblr

1. Blood, salty and metallic, a two for one on the anti-tenderness meter.
2. Any cook will tell you, salt will toughen meat if you’re not careful.
3. Take red paint splash an unsuspecting bystander’s white shirt. (In short
order you see the impossibility of sweet excuses under a fountain of
liquid red.)
4. Even if, you start your morning cauterizing the jagged tears in your
throat with a mantra of: sugar sugar sugar, spring days, café au lait,
honey, molasses and impressionist paintings, by the first jostle on the
subway, honk in bumper to bumper, jerk at the cash, your chin drips
5. Who can save me from my own violent vocabulary—to sing a sparrow’s
fluted loss which soothes your soul that’s my soul. And yet, like a room
set with guillotines let fly, my sighs rain


About the Author: stephanie roberts dreams of accurately incarnating the evolution of a final vocabulary of love, that is visceral and elegant. Her poetry is featured or forthcoming in numerous journals, in North America and Europe, including Arcturus, The Maine Review, The Stockholm Review of Literature, Room and Blue Lyra Review. She was a recent finalist in the Anomalous Press Open Reading and the 7th Eyewear Publishing LTD Fortnight Prize. Twitter & Instagram @ringtales.

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