Pyre – David Ahlman

I drank the quakes of conscience
& peered into the drain
to see in shaky shadows
the place where man was made.

But nowhere were there mansions
& nowhere were there gods.
The only thing to see was the
immensities of awe.

The serenades of heart,
this too, & passion broken down.
Golden hours, sleepless towers
erected above the town.

I pulled on threads of irises,
of blue & teal & turquoise,
& wove a quilt of vivid bliss,
of voices whispering, Troy.

& counted the rolling mutters,
the cacophonous chinks, their thunders,
then stared back in the swirling curl—
I met the need. I slammed the shutters.


About the Author: My work has appeared in journals such as Salt Lake Community College’s Folio, Utah Valley University’s Intersections and Touchstones, as well as Salt Lake Teen Write’s 2014 publication You are Me and I am You.

I recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor of Science in English, and work full-time as the Inside Sales Manager of a regional home warranty company in Salt Lake City. My wife, Jenna, our dogs, Atlas and Sirius, and I reside in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

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