After a Self-Portrait of the Artist in which She Does Not Appear – Pat Hale

Teach me how to do this—
how to reveal myself
while remaining hidden.
Show me how a bird of broad wing
may enter a frame
without crossing a threshold;
how it can circle close to a fire
without singeing its feathers;
how a flame may illuminate
without consuming.
String me with these pearls.
Teach me to reach
without remembering I might fall.
Teach me flames, and flight.


About the Author: Pat Hale’s poetry collection, Seeing Them with My Eyes Closed, was published in 2015 by Grayson Books. Her work appears in many journals, including CALYX, Sow’s Ear, Dogwood, Connecticut River Review, and Naugatuck River Review. She lives in Connecticut and serves on the board of directors for the Riverwood Poetry Series, which presents poetry readings and workshops in the Hartford area.

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