Airy Light – Eileen Malone

It starts on an exceptionally sunny winter morning
that gives off a sharp varnished periphery
as if the air has turned to waterglass overnight

the kind when café waiters hastily set up tables
on the sidewalk for streetheart customers knowing
perfectly well that by early afternoon they will
have to take them all back inside

one of those mornings that tastes almost bitter to
the sight, tang of unsugared grapefruit, when
obviously everything exists for the sake of the
airy light

that stalls over something winged that flits
between the short staccato whistles of a distant
traffic cop before the air darkens, just like that.


About the Author: Eileen Malone’s poetry has been published in over 500 literary journals and anthologies, a significant amount of which have earned awards, i.e., three Pushcart nominations. Her award winning collection Letters With Taloned Clawswas published by Poets Corner Press (Sacramento) and her book I Should Have Given Them Water was published by Ragged Sky Press (Princeton).

Her past experience includes teaching for the California Poets in the Schools Program as well as for local community colleges. She founded and directs the Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition, and is a voting member for the Northern California Book Reviewers Awards. You can find more of her work at and

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