Flight: Rap It Up

Flight’s a gray-green sky, speed-dried blue,
a rush toward the future, demanding Who?

It moves, it wails, it swoop & it groans,
view it from a rocking chair (motivation on loan);

smooth as whisky, poured into leaden glass,
absconding hours with tears & bite & sass;

it’s a route that resonates, grabs hold,
an ancient dream, gravity forestalled,

it goofs & jazz-scats, a hustled biddly bob,
an aviator in the hangar singing do wop;

it’s a straight-shot path, petal strewn:
an un-wrinkled face, an instant bloom─

but flight’s of an airy, wind-blown sort,
twist & turns that you don’t expect,

it hauls back, blows high & wild;
tossing out your journal, speed -beguiled,

it’s pulse, space & atmosphere,
seconds shouting, drowning out the years

beware this cunning, time-swallowing fool
as you jet from diaper to wedding ring… & drool.


About the Author: Poet Laureate emerita for the seaside town of Rockport, Massachusetts, Suellen Wedmore has been awarded first place in the Writer’s Digest’s Rhyming Poem Contest as well as the digest’s Non-Rhyming Poems contest. Her chapbook Deployed won the Grayson Press contest, her chapbook On Marriage and Other Parallel Universes was published by Finishing Line Press, and her chapbook Mind the Light won the “Women on the Edge” contest and was published by Quill’s Edge Press.

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