Midnight Flight – Gloria Heffernan

Midnight flight,
Charlotte to Syracuse.
The woman beside me
prattles on to anyone who will listen
and even those of us who don’t.

No, I really don’t care about her adventures
in the security line
and no, I’m not surprised that they confiscated
her new can of mousse because it was six ounces
instead of three point five.
And yes, flying is a bitch these days,
and it really is sad
they don’t serve meals anymore.

She must fear the silence
like a diver fears an empty pool.
And yet despite myself,
I feel a peculiar tenderness toward her
as I might for a caged parrot
that cannot help but squawk.


About the Author:Midnight Flight,” recalls a moment when I had the opportunity to choose between annoyance and empathy.  When I chose empathy, the image of the diver emerged and I knew that when the time came, that moment would assert itself in a poem. In addition to Claudius Speaks, my work has appeared in over forty publications including Chautauqua Literary Journal, Stone Canoe, and an upcoming anthology from Main Street Rag.  My poetry has appeared in Columbia Review, Louisville Review, Gargoyle, Jabberwock, and The Healing Muse. My poetry first chapbook, Some of Our Parts, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.

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