Reality – Lexie Bluhm

Artist’s Statement: As a female college student, my work has been heavily influenced by my surroundings. As sexual assault often runs rampant and unreported on college campus across the country, I want to highlight the very real emotional and mental trauma that happens after experiencing sexual assault.

In “Reality” my character struggles to keep herself in reality. To her, the imaginary world of her trauma affects the physical world she lives in. Those around her cannot see the demons constantly constraining her and causing her pain. Despite this constant battle, my character fights.

About the Artist: Lexie Bluhm is a Senior Painting BFA at Indiana University set to graduate this December. She is currently devoting the summer towards BFA Thesis show that will be featured at the Grunwald Gallery of Art at Indiana University this winter. Her work explores the ways the mind processes traumatic events. Website: Blog:


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