I’ll Fix It Myself – Lexie Bluhm


Artist’s Statement: “I’ll Fix It Myself” comes from my body of work centered around a character freeing herself from a toxic relationship with a narcissist. After hitting rock bottom, she has nowhere to go but up. She begins to repair the damage done and build herself back up. In this piece she is repairing the metaphorical whole in her life that was left after her break up. She is taking the first steps toward recovery and healing that will allow her to overcome her past and fly into her future.

When I interpret the theme “flight” I don’t think of birds easily flying through the sky or planes that defy gravity. I think of the struggle humans had to go through in order to soar in the sky. The Wright Brothers had many more failures than they had successes as did those who came before and after them. I think of all the hard work that went into something that we take for granted in today’s technologically advanced world. In that same way, I believe that everyone who is flying high in their own life had to at one point struggle and put in the hard work to defy gravity. You can’t know what it is to fly until you’ve been on the ground.

About the Artist: Lexie Bluhm is a Senior Painting BFA at Indiana University set to graduate this December. She is currently devoting the summer towards BFA Thesis show that will be featured at the Grunwald Gallery of Art at Indiana University this winter. Her work explores the ways the mind processes traumatic events. Website: https://lexiebluhmart.wordpress.com. Blog: http://lexiebluhmart.weebly.com.

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