Sharon Tate Expecting to Fly – Tom Daley

Now she is Saint Genevieve,
sticky with pine resin
beauty-marked with the malodorous balm
that sweeps the pine beetle into fission

Now she is the Maid of Europe
brassy with mascara
gluey madonna of the tumbrils
St. Hairshirt of the O’Haras

Now she is in the sights of squeaks
the high priestess of infamies
now she is the speakeasy
darling of the infantry

Now she is the ingénue
who broke a nail in the alley
Now she is the retinue
where madness sniffs its sallies

Here’s a stumble, lapped in leather
Here’s a reach, knowing it was gold
Here’s a now you know the weather
Here’s a catgut lost in the cold.


Reference video:

About the Author: Tom Daley leads writing workshops online and in the Boston area. Recent publications include Shuf, High Windows, and Radius. “Sharon Tate Expecting to Fly” is based on a YouTube video tribute to Sharon Tate with the Neil Young/Buffalo Springfield song in the background. “Aphorisms” is part of a series of poems gently mocking/subtly embracing the impulse of poets to get aphoristic. Go to the FutureCycle site to order his book, House You Cannot Reach:

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