Sink – Ilyssa Goldsmith

Plaster crumbles to volcanic ash.
It clogs the diseased air, filling pores
muddy brown with asbestos. Stained
glass plummets to the ground like puffy

snowflakes on a winter’s day.
Hushes of silence sweep children.
New eyes glance up at a leaning
monument, half teetering between
demolition and safety.

Steady hands wrap around a viper
handle connected to explosives. A
brief push and a staggering building
shoots through the sky.

For a moment, the butterfly effect
surfaces from a historic sight, until
floors tumble and collapse into
themselves. Sinking, the years spill
through cracks
in the sidewalk.


Ilyssa Goldsmith’s work has appeared in Canyon Voices. She is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s in communication at Arizona State University. At ASU West, Ilyssa is a member of Barrett, the Honors College and Lambda Pi Eta, a communication honors society. In addition, she works collaboratively with students as a Writing Tutor through the University of Academic Success Program. In her free time, Ilyssa has been developing her thesis around analyzing the depiction of strong female characters within YA Literature. She strives to write stories about empowered girls and women — the type of characters women haven’t seen nearly enough on the page —flawed, strong, stubborn, and bold. In a word, female-strong.

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