Seven Angles on Flight – M. A. Istvan Jr.


Our constant rerun of some shame, although
as normal in private as flying dogs in dreams,
would look insane broadcasted on a news ticker.


Only concerned with learning
how to take off and fly,
never how to land.


Jaw dislodged from a flying knee,
on the canvas he continues to throw
combinations, soft as if in a dream.


When yogic flying turns out to be just hideous hopping.


Naked ladies no longer fly: proposals
for nose art on military jets are vetted
to ensure that no one will take offense.


Flying phobics who become driving phobics
after learning, in their therapy session,
how much riskier driving turns out to be.


Waterfall grizzles smacked upside the head by flying salmon.


M. A. ISTVAN JR., although a university professor, actually makes most of his money as a method translator of AAVE. In light of his extreme efforts to ensure sincere and emotionally expressive translation, Jet Magazine has in fact dubbed him the Daniel-Day-Lewis of his craft. For instance, he might sip Tempranillo from a Burgundy glass when translating to Standard English and swig Boone’s Farms from a brown-bagged bottle when translating the other way. For more info, go here:

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