Aphorisms for a Departure Gate- Tom Daley

Caution is nothing more
than a footnote above
the much beloved vistas.

The harshest sun promotes
the loosest promise. Old news
wends its ways

without secret or increment.
The best pleasure forgets
its own provenance.

A weathervane without
a rooster lays no seed. Swallow and seek
the half-truths. At the other end

of time, the rapt but disappearing
auditors. Who asked for such
pretzel disappointment? All

the abodes rake their bright way
up the escarpments.
Back home there is always

a mate teaming
with a spurious kind of loneliness.


Tom Daley leads writing workshops online and in the Boston area. Recent publications include Shuf, High Windows, and Radius. “Aphorisms” is part of a series of poems gently mocking/subtly embracing the impulse of poets to get aphoristic. Go to the FutureCycle site to order his book, House You Cannot Reach: http://www.futurecycle.org/index.php/en/catalog/by-author/item/227-tom-daley.

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