God’s Left Hand Angel – Terry Severhill

“Stop, please.” God would not listen or slow down. What else
is new? I can’t seem to keep up with god anymore. It has been
a struggle ever since the green house filled up with plants
growing out of control. You know, from all the extra CO2.
Sweet Jesus it’s growing like a weed. Just haven’t had time to
take a single toke. The munchkin in charge of the air/ion ratio
got it all mixed in with the cow flatulence. That led to a
disagreement with the gnome union, they refuse to work under
these conditions. Hell, its sure better than trying to defrost
Antarctica, [Next, on the big list of things God wants done],
so that’ll have to wait until next spring break when the novice
angels are shepherded away from Daytona Beach and Padre
Island. Heck its gets worse every year. Then, try dealing with
humans. All the dead ones want angel wings. Didn’t they
ever read the damn bible? It says in no uncertain terms that
humans die, stay dead, get arisen, judged, then either go to
heaven, or . . . . . Go to Hell!. . . . NO DAMN WINGS!!! Try
explaining that a hundred thousand times a day. They really
get pissed when I tell them that under no circumstance will
they ever, EVER, become angels.


Terry Severhill has appeared in: Damnfino, A Quiet Courage, Soul-Lit, Gyroscope Review and others. Recipient of the “Art Young’s Good Morning Memorial Award for Poetry 2016” he has appeared in over a dozen anthologies and more in journals. His work can be found by googling his name. He is waiting for his first collection of poems; BENEATH THE SHADOW OF THE SUN, [a collection of war poems] to be released in late July or early August 2017 from WEST VINE PRESS. Born in the north woods of Upper Michigan, he is part Chippewa, part Scot, a little French, part Marine and ALL American. He resides in Vista, Ca, San Diego County where he writes, he reads at several open mic venues each month. When not writing or loafing or gardening he volunteers at a homeless/marginalized shelter and works as a peer to peer mentor to homeless vets.

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