The Murmuration – Taunja Thompson

It begins over the sand-colored grass:
a few dots brushing twilight.
Their numbers gain
until they shimmer over hills
form fish swimming over each other
a seal smoothing its way through horizon
an orca glancing off clouds
clashing with a swan.
They are half a million ankhs
when they fly on their sides.
They swell and shrink
indecisive blooms.
They bounce off bree
descend into it
a downpour
their wings a susurrus of thunder.
They spill forth like waves   ebb
stretch out   twist thin in the middle
a tornado   an hourglass
dropping time.


Taunja Thomson’s poetry has most recently appeared in The Chicago Press’s Poetry Writer’s Guide to the Galaxy and The Ekphrastic Review. Two of her poems have been nominated for Pushcart Awards: “Seahorse and Moon” in 2005 and “I Walked Out in January” in 2016. She has co-authored a chapbook of ekphrastic poetry which is scheduled to be published in May of 2017 and has a writer’s page at

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