Learning to Fly – Alan Walowitz

When all you love, like life, man,
kindness, even God, for God’s sake, finally
flees like birds from your brain,
and in insane desperation you reach far,
catch stars instead, hot-headed you,
and stick them, torn and battered,
like so many butterflies to your page.
Then you cry in the wilderness
and a hundred friends come running
to soothe your hunched and heavy back; so
what if some lone voice says, no,
it’s not quite, and frankly, it’s pretty,
but won’t fly right?  How can I
convince you in your almost-rising,
it’s the one you must embrace; not those
who sing of their lofty plans to lift you
with their sticky glad hands
which so sweetly bind your wings?


Alan Walowitz has been published in various places on the web and off. He’s a Contributing Editor at Verse-Virtual, an online journal, and teaches at Manhattanville College and St. John’s University.  Alan’s chapbook, Exactly Like Love, was published by Osedax Press in 2016 and is now in its second printing.  His poem, “The Story of the Milkman” was featured in an article in The New York Times on April 16th. Go to alanwalowitz.com for more.

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