Nice Girl – Alex Feldman

I know what I would say
If I met a nice girl

“Hey where ya from?”

I think
I would be able to get a date
If I did well in the conversation
If I was funny
Someone once told me
“You’re funny until you’re sad”

We would have fun
Go out a few times
Laugh but
Good laughs
Not those mechanical laughs
Produced by sitcoms
Or rom-coms

We would eventually fuck
Then lie
there afterwards
Content and comfortable
Her kiss goodnight would remind me
of the world’s charm

In the morning
She would wake up to me
Sitting at my desk
Taking a nip of liquor
And writing this poem
When I could have ran out,
Got her coffee
And she would think


“Is this a nice guy?”


Alex Feldman is a writer from New York City. He is influenced by writers such as Alan Sillittoe, Celine, Charles Hamilton and Sean Nelson. Tony Hoagland’s poem “In a Quiet Town by the Sea” saved his life in 2012. He loves to listen to jazz as he writes. His work has previously appeared in Silver Apples Magazine.

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