this moment is filled with now – Rowena Cooper

read me out loud and hear the sound
of seven thousand years of mouths
whose whispers clink within the ear
like beaded winkles trickling down deep
scree mounds of rippling skeletons
sifting and weaving the silt in the sea
into crystals around their hollows

and drift and spiral and grow a new layer
like the white of a nail keeps creeping creeps out from the pink
to scratch in some fickle nick of these Is of us – quic-
k! before being chipped and then picked off

on a whim, falling, withflakes of skin
and hair, which would choke the earth with the dust of us
without your fresh breaths now to sweep it round


Rowena Cooper is a fledgling author and poet, currently working towards a Masters in Creative Writing with Oxford University. Her first publication of flash fiction – The Guest – appeared in Issue 5 of Panoplyzine in December 2016 (,  and she’s delighted to have her first poem published here!

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