Flare – Richard King Perkins II

You unknotted    the sun           a lesser vastness
solar magma                           which becomes the
the reflection on your teeth             you released
your wild shadows        to the reclusive frontier
where we had once lain                    unknown to
anyone                hidden at high noon             you
pantomimed                              avian trade winds
plummeting       through          humid handholds
day barely black you hummed in grayest gloom
You gave away                     an ounce of restraint
the scent             of asphalt                    driveways
you sloughed off               a thin       spindly glint
burrowing into        a condensation      of failure
and drew back        your lips    killing the angels
of your lesser self                    sweating contempt
and little                                            yellow flowers
sun bleach   will someday       cleanse           all—
you descend     into optics                           smiling.


Richard King Perkins II is a state-sponsored advocate for residents in long-term care facilities. He lives in Crystal Lake, IL, USA with his wife, Vickie and daughter, Sage.

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