Fetching Bones – Carol McMahon

Give me your bones:
Patella you bent to the earth
to coax blooms for the vases of our house.
Knuckle joint you pressed into my skull
to tease me like the errant child I was.
Jaw bone that housed your now still tongue
with its sweet and sour melodies.
How many relics does it take to summon
the whole from its parts? Grant me this
one indulgence—respite from the mundane
setting of this solitary plate and cup.


Carol McMahon is a teacher and poet who has work published, or forthcoming, in various journals (Prodigal, IthacaLit, Unlost Journal, The Wild Word, The Ekphrastic Review, Blue Collar Review) and has a chapbook, On Any Given Day, published by FootHills Press. McMahon received an MFA in Poetry from the Rainier Writing Workshop in Washington State and when not teaching, reading or writing can be found out trail-running or on the water rowing.

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