How to Build the Trailer that You’ll Move into After You Get Evicted From Your House – Sprout Conner

Start by tearing down all the walls in your aforementioned house
Turn the rubble from the bathroom shower into some new kitchen counters
Throw away the doggie bowl, the litter box, and the cradle in the upstairs bedrooms
Try to remember where you put the family photo albums

Dig up the bones the landlord left in your backyard fire pit
Use them to make a wreath for your new door
Make sure to break the sump pump in the basement before you leave

Melt down your mother’s best silver for the metal siding
Unravel your grandmother’s afghans for the insulation

When the wood falls through, tell your children to use your back for stairs

More than just a seed caught between sidewalk cracks, Sprout pulls poetry up through their roots in an attempt to process the soil they’ve been dropped in. Sprout hails from a working class Hispanic family in Colorado and wants nothing more from life than to be constantly covered in mud.

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