Light Song – Alex Feldman

Breezy and boozy
My sponge lips soak up
Cheap red wine that passes through
So you gently trap the bottom one with your
Then pull away
Wringing me out because
Wasting a single drop would be a crime
Against this desultory evening
We have welcomed with the
Ease of the
Moon that is
Soft as that cheek of yours which I
Run the back of my hand over
Yet as
As when we lock eyes
As when we laugh
Serious as death
Or freedom

As gentle as the feather-moon is, the sun we wake up to is
Conversely hard
Hard like that sweet morning sentence that
Never made it out of my mouth
There was a rope around it with a
Cinderblock at the other end
Holding it down—Mafioso style
Hard like liquor
Hard like giving up the pulpit
Hard like not calling
Hard like smiles
Hard like dominoes

The distorted
Hard rock
Verse-Sun leads
While the
Moon-chorus follows
In the cycle of our syncopated days

That’s the music baby
The music


Alex Feldman is a writer from New York City. He is influenced by writers such as Alan Sillittoe, Celine, Charles Hamilton and Sean Nelson. Tony Hoagland’s poem “In a Quiet Town by the Sea” saved his life in 2012. He loves to listen to jazz as he writes. His work has previously appeared in Silver Apples Magazine.

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