Swept Away – Melinda Longtin

Askew and erratic,
Pendulums swing from the ladders of my spine.
Forcing me through the hurricane.
Dragging my heels through the clouds.

Looking to the cinnamon earth,
And clothed in salt.
Soil has stolen the sunset.

I miss everything…
Buried above me.

Left with only recipes,
I miss glistening ponds and peaceful walks.
Concrete paving a path to complexity.
A sense of understanding
While knowing nothing at all.
Soul-binding conversation,
Written in novels with no surfaces.

Most of all,
I miss becoming lost in the depths
Buried beneath
The miracle of colour.


Though I have a Bachelor’s in Theatre Performance, I fell in love with poetry as a child. In my work, I seek to use powerful imagery and metaphors to illustrate meaningful concepts that are not always easy for people to talk about. Most of my work is about trauma, mental illness, or philosophy. My work has been published in other issues of Claudius Speaks, and I plan to publish a poetry book about recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder by 2018.

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