Axes Glasses Pens – Paul Sohar

axes glasses pens and knives
the forest floor swallows up everything dropped on it
axes glasses pens and knives
nothing but nothing ever survives
the voracious appetite of the loam
except white plastic shopping bags filled with the wind
of empty shopping center parking lots
but everything else dropped or mislaid on the forest floor
turns into a dead maple leaf and
slowly sinks into the underworld of slimy roots and rocks
shadows of the forest foliage solidified
the eternal resting place of axes glasses pens and knives
and those who lie down not to rest
not to look for mislaid gloves etcetera
but just to lie there not wanting anything else from
the forest floor and not feeling things any more than
axes glasses pens and knives


Paul Sohar ended his higher education with a BA in philosophy and took a day job in a New Jersey research lab while writing in every genre: poetry, prose, essays, reviews, translation. His bibliography includes thirteen volumes of translations, including “Dancing Embers”, his Kanyadi translations (Twisted Spoon Press, 2002). His own poetry: “Homing Poems” (Iniquity Press, 2006) and “The Wayward Orchard”, a Wordrunner Prize winner (2011). He lectures at MLA, RMMLA and AHEA conferences and at Centenary College, NJ. His magazine credits include Agni, Gargoyle, Kenyon Review, Rattle, Salzburg Poetry Review, Seneca Review, Trajectory, etc.

One thought on “Axes Glasses Pens – Paul Sohar

  1. Congratulations, Pali,
    A wonderful mind of introspection, sensitivity, and askance look at the world.
    Well deserved recognition.
    Zsuzsi, Gyuri Lukacs


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