Rusk biscuits in the son – Vikrant Sunderlal Chandel

well known in panic wishbones in crisis
do i miss you or what you provided
fighting the self-defeating urge to reach a conclusion
unfortunately or not we will
continue to inhabit the same space as our history
i fall in love with smiles
i fall in love with the
societally prescribed
turning up the AC to beat back the heat
caring for my brother’s dwarfed juniper
as i mix camel milk into my cereal
whether our kin selection cared or not
our demise was always a family affair
with every turn i am still
heading in the same direction
always picking blood out of the dirt


Vikrant split his formative years between Bangalore and Boston. He is a recent Wesleyan graduate who writes, acts, sculpts, and interns. Find him sipping ice tea at your local Thai restaurant.

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