Right of Passage – Lloyd Milburn

Today I caught another glimpse of the cycle moving:
soft feet unbound, finding their own lines away.
This is their turn to approach, prelapsarian,
their first June together among stone names.

To the short-sighted it may have seemed
they were blithely trespassing, though
their warm hands were holding on for dear
life above this quiet remembrance ground.

But to those out of time, unheld, they know
how serious this couple is, open-eyes
brought by the bright season,
not lying apart.

Their double-weight gives the earth
a settling power and resolution;
echoes blossom over the pond
like decades of vows, fulfilled.

The landed know in silence
those who dance with care,
their planted, flowing cadence
still grows in open air.


Lloyd Milburn teaches creative writing, literature, and composition in colleges in upstate New York where he earned a Master’s in English-creative writing. His poem “Unschooled” won a poetry award from Willow Review in 2012. In addition to having work published in The Sandy River Review, Permafrost, Ithaca Lit, Synesthesia Literary Journal, Talking River, and Modern Poetry Quarterly, he is currently nearing completion of his first two books of poetry. His lifelong love for music and a personal interest in synesthesia inform his writing. His first CD of music and poetry is available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/lloydmilburn.

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