Submerged – Sarah Kohrs

Artist’s Note: The photograph is from Tangier Island VA, 2016. Sandals slapped the wooden boardwalk that led to the shoreline of the island. Passing across an inlet of water, an abandoned fishing boat sat submerged under the greenish surface: an indication of the time’s lapse as true as the current crisis the entire island feels as it is slowly slipping into the Chesapeake Bay—soon to be submerged by the rising waters.

Sarah E N Kohrs creates written and visual art that seeks a unique perspective on how surroundings kindle hope in even a disparaged heart. Find her photography in Virginia Literary Journal, Blueline Literary Magazine, Mt Hope, and Shenandoah Valley Living; her poetry in Poetry from the Valley of Virginia, From the Depths, and Crosswinds Poetry Journal. Sarah is a homeschooling mother, managing editor for The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, director of The Corhaven Graveyard, and savors many other altruistic roles. She holds a B.A. in Classical Languages and Archaeology from The College of Wooster, as well as a Virginia state teaching license endorsed in Latin and Visual Arts. Find her online at

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