We The Dead – Katherine DiBella Seluja

the dead there did not dance, they had something better to do – H C Andersen

Unsew the seam, unshoe the foot.
We, are busy decomposing.
Uproot the tree that wraps
simple boxes swell and shift. Rattle
the bones  boxofbones.
Night crawlers of story, trawlers
of mushroom, earthworm and mole.
We dead have so much more than worry.
In the churchyard
unclutter the tomb, unhum the tune,
unwind linen, unfracture bone.
Here in the ground never done,
untalking, undancing, unstitching the story.
What is left will root or rot,
grow or not grow,
give harvest or decompose.

Open the seam. Tear the thread.


Winner of the Southwest Writers poetry award and twice nominated for a Pushcart, Katherine DiBella Seluja’s writing has appeared or is forthcoming in bosque, Connotation Press, Iron Horse Review, Literary Orphans and Santa Ana River Review, among others. Katherine is currently absorbed in a letter writing project between mythical and historic figures. Her first collection, Gather the Night, focuses on the impact of mental illness and is forthcoming in 2018 from UNM Press.

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