Swimming Through Stone – Elaine Verdill

it’s easy enough to do, walk across dry land       
                                           over rocky sand,        
                                                         dip a toe into wet sand    
and let the gills of earth open underfoot   
               hands over head, feet first sink down    
arch the back, flex right, and swim     
               into the dark lungs, breath air      
                             all things are possible   
all things are possible      
                             going through another invisible opening     
               wrist narrow and finger tight    
the bones become linear      
                             one long sentence all things are possible 
                 one hand grasps the anklebone
                                               the shimmer end is gone     
                 today is yet another way to wait


A long time poet and photographer, Elaine Verdill has recently begun painting with acrylics as well. Her painting, “Summer Lake”, and poem, “Canyon Walls and Water”, can be found on the Arlington Literary Journal (ArLiJo) website, issue 87, at http://arlijo.com/. Two of her photographs will be on display at the Loveland Public Library, Guests of the Galleria, Loveland, Colorado, in the Spring of 2017.”

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