Blue Sedan – Jane Noel Dabate

Why is a thin woman
in a blue sedan
wearing layers of fur coats?
They don’t belong to her.
But neither does her body.
does the body in the trunk.
She is a thief
of life and of identity and of hope.
She is unhinged
and buries fear beneath the furs,
above her flesh,
where nobody thinks to look.
She rejects that she will someday be nothing.
Instead, today,
watching the world breathe,
and pinch who we are,
she drives away.
She will be everything she can today
she will even be
The person that steals your life.


Jane Noel Dabate is a poet and writer from the Boston, Massachusetts area. She has been writing for several years and is inspired by favorite poets Mary Oliver, Sabrina Benaim, and Kendrick Lamar. She has competed in several poetry slam and spoken word events. In addition to writing, her passions include philosophy and political science. Her work has previously appeared in the Rattle Poetry Magazine.

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