Buried – Heather Frankland

One day I will wake to find
my welcome mat covered with worms
and notice the parking lot
littered with broken backseats
and how the empty elm branches
mimic two lovers swaying
at a dim-lit frat party,
beer scummed floor
and the barefoot
collection of spit.

I will find that the men
who fantasized women were nuns
in want of a seduction,
grew tired of the game
and all the fleas dried up
raisin thin; their jaws
as worthless as love letters
mildewed in a shoebox
under the bed.


Heather Frankland holds an M.F.A. and a M.P.H. from New Mexico State University. She lives in Tacoma, WA where she teaches at Pierce College. She has been published in Lingerpost, the New Purlieu Review, ROAR, and Sin Fronteras Press. Heather has a deep rooted passion for literature, advocacy, culture, feminism, and poems of place as well as displacement.

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