Memories of a Journey – Carlos Genova

Artist’s Note: “This painting is the result of my first experiment of combining nitrocellulose with oil and making figures with the viscosity that I achieved by mixing it to other materials. It’s based on the songs of the Tuscan bird as well as some Mayan ruins that are close to my studio. There are some mixtures of Turkish and Australian Aborigines for the details. But I paint as it goes and eventually it starts to construct itself.”

Carlos Genova is an artist with a distinctive style mostly known in his hometown and Mexico. He has participated in various solo shows in Merida and Mexico city, in addition to collective shows. His last show was at the Senate of the Republic in Mexico City on October 6, 2016 where he showed 25 paintings. He also has an upcoming book release with a retrospective of the last 9 years of art published by SEDECULTA nationwide with over 200 paintings.

You can find more of his work on his instagram @carlos_genova_arte or his facebook page

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