The Songwriter – Jacob Rountree

Artist’s Note: “This was a project of mine where I made my own vinyl jacket all incorporating three of these levitating portraits to display various moods. This photo tells a story that parallels closely with my life and the impact music and songwriting have had on me. Music and photography have both been growing passions for me the last few years and this project allowed me to find a blissful overlap that I would love to share with others.”

I have always had an appreciation for art and the beauty of nature but never focused my efforts into pursuing the appreciation, until an AC separation and an ACL tear in the same year took my love of wrestling and skiing away from me. During my year of recovery time, I began tapping into my artistic side and discovering the growing passion I’ve had for music, songwriting, and photography. Although they have been my hobbies for several years, I took them on as more of a lifestyle within the last two as I began teaching myself and putting all of my time, money and emotion into the various art forms. I am now a sophomore at Montana State University studying mechanical engineering, yet I still make sure to balance school with an artistic lifestyle. 

You can find more of Jacob’s work on Instagram @jakerountree  or on flickr @jrountree333.

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