Call For Submissions – Issue III: Buried

For issue III, we are looking for buried things. After such a torrid summer, the dirt feels cool and inviting. Eyes won’t do much good down here: you’ll need to feel your way around, and a little more slowly than you might be used to. Summon your inner safecracker, because there are secrets to be found. Perhaps some of your own, things you threw away knowing the earth would keep them, forever if it had to. As you lose track of what people mean when they say “light,” you may discover friends and treasures. Some are comfortable animals, relieved and warm in a place they made their own. Others are stubborn and hermetic, keeping their own company like old teeth. Deeper still, where songs unable to move air leave the soil tense, you may find dormant creatures ready to set the world trembling again, or things too awful to tell. You might not make it back. So taste the air one last time, and let’s start digging.

You can send us your work here.

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