Demons, D-tuned – A.W. Terry

Artist’s note: “This abstract and geometric design is another mesh of pencil lines on paper created by free association. I approached the coloration with the idea of having the each stay within certain regions of the space, this was determined primarily by similarity between shapes and their proximity to one another. The effect is that each can be defined and identified as individual “demons”, that in this case are the various thoughts and emotions that music can evoke. The name comes from the concept of “Dropped D Tuning”, which in this case is meant to depict these particular “demons” as deeper/darker than most through the association of both the lower/deeper tuning and it’s connection to the heavier genres of rock music in which it is used.”

A.W. Terry is a visual artist/designer and poet/writer born June 25, 1982 in Dallas, Texas. His influences include everything from movements such as abstract expressionism and cubism, minds like those of Albert Einstein and George Carlin, to various natural, social, and theoretical sciences. Utilizing techniques borrowed from surrealist automatism, architectural drafting, and op art, his often dark yet colorful style is something akin to František Kupka meets Tim Burton. Terry has over 10 years experience in commercial design and is currently the Director of Operations for AAA Signs, a sign and image firm located in Richardson, Texas.

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