Unease – Melinda Longtin

Tides tickle the shore
And tease the wind.
Dainty and secretive,
The ocean’s paws
Leave refrains upon the beach.

Dashes of gold.
Blonde of beau.
A cerulean sea
Slips instantly
Behind eyes a capella.
Lids murmur reminiscence
Stammering the shells of letters.

Deep in the shores’ treasures,
Lying and waiting,
Are ballads felt,
But unspoken.
Somniloquence of distance-
Of futures hoped for
But only tranquil
With uncertainty.


Though I have a Bachelor’s in Theatre Performance, I fell in love with poetry as a child. In my work, I seek to use powerful imagery and metaphors to illustrate meaningful concepts that are not always easy for people to talk about. Most of my work is about trauma, mental illness, or philosophy. My work has been published in other issues of Claudius Speaks, and I plan to publish a poetry book about recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder by 2018.

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