Pick Me – Sara Afshar, Poetry Contest Winner

What to do to convince you?
I have a pretty dress and

neat, sweet hair, unpolished nail

on a clean finger, Mom’s heart

necklace, negative space

between my rib cage and my hip bone.

I have a hung up phone,

a voice in my ear, it says

listen, glisten, glare. I have

infinite ellipses, at times

good intent, bright though

unsteady, a flicker

of a candle, pleasant

as warm tallow. I have a mind

still earnest, fresh as a

cat-call, callow as a bird’s

eggs. Go on, make a withdrawal

from my nest of dollars, and bring

a girl who dazzles along for the dupe.


About the Author: Sara Afshar is a children’s attorney based in Boston. Her work has appeared in Sidelines Magazine and Slice Magazine. She is a recipient of the Jack Kerouac Creative Writing Award and is a Salem Poetry Seminar invitee. More of her writing is available at www.stuffmyfriendsdoo.WordPress.com.

Photography by David Hastings: “As I read this work by Sara Afshar, I see a petition for love. The white wedding is representative of an often unattainable and unrelatable societal standard.”

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