Untitled -Dierdre Emerson, Third Place

The flicker of the candle,
Delicate, wavering, slight.
A gentle guard of old,
Modest sentry before the flight.
The smallest breath of wind,
A threat to stay alight.
Yet with the smallest spark..
Inferno, blazing in its might.

Humble chaser of shadows,
That unlikeliest of knights.
With a single chance, so small..
Chaos; incineration of the night.


About the Author: “I’m an RN; I snowboard, ride horses, and ballroom dance. I have a lovely five year-old girl child who keeps me on my toes, a ginger cat, two horses, two cows, and a pup who tries to keep them all in line. I write as a hobby and outlet, because nursing and parenting and being human are all very humbling experiences.”

Photography by David Hastings: “This work speaks to both the humble presentation of a flame and its potential to grow and become all-consuming. The image of two people, dancing in a haze of sparks and light reflects the same innocence that can ignite and grow to something larger than anticipated.”

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