Looking for a Spark – Christopher Lilly, Honorable Mention

The flicker of the candle, now extinguished
Too many thoughts trespass in the dark
One perfect enigma
Forbidden fruit and jaded hearts spark
Memories send a chill
Into a mind fueled by fear
The candle wax is clouding.
The smoky wick begs for one last ignition it seems
We all want to lose ourselves in our greatest dreams
Forget the mundane human pain

Fly into oblivion
And hope for a flame to set me on fire
Escape the dark
Blind now, The wick fell into ashes
The wax is hard.


About the Author: Christopher Lilly was born in ‘Alexander City, Alabama in 1968 to Paul and Joanne Lilly. He studied music throughout his adolescence and teenage years and by 18 he was a self taught bassist. He studied Computer Science for a year, then left to tour with a band for a 60 a week per diem.

Christopher has played 1,500 live shows during his 27 year career touring with Joshua Stone, The Rat Race, TCHT, Surgestone, JB Band and currently the amazing Painted Ivy. Chris enjoys the quiet small town life in his hometown when not touring.

Photography by David Hastings: “This photograph was taken at my college graduation ceremony, a time of great hope and expectation. While the years and decades following this exciting time will inevitably bring times of “hardened wax,” it is crucial to find and maintain the same spark of newness and opportunity that your freshly lit candle one time bore.”

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