Flicker – Kelly Mullins, Second Place

Words spoken through the lips of my lover
slow dance with delicate flames
on bedroom walls.
She whispers my name like music –
slowly – like the only poem ever written,
like desperate incantations of Venus.

Her passionate pants ignite the dance,
tracing edges of
the flickering flame.

I melt into the moment –
I am molten wax –
by the heat of Love

that loves away the I, the her
the lie that we were ever
separate souls,

and we become the dancing
flames across
the bedroom walls.

We are breath and flicker.


About the Author: “Words trace the outlines of who I am. I have written poetry most of my life, and am heavily involved in my local poetry community. I will always do everything I can to promote the power of words and encourage people to reach within to find their art. To heal, grow and thrive through expression. This is what poetry does to me.”

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Photography by David Hastings: “This piece oozes red hot passion, and the image of this sunset over Brooklyn mirrors the same fiery love that two people can melt into after the sky goes dark.”