Untitled – Gallina Plutova

Artist’s note: “This untitled piece is an etching inspired by the way physical space can warp perspective. I’m interested in the way people can occupy the same space yet remain distant due to their surroundings. In the etching, I tried to achieve this effect by skewing the dimensions of a landscape in which two people are completely unaware of each other. The main light sources hit parts of the building rather than the people, as though the people become secondary in the anonymity of this space.”

Galina Plutova is a filmmaker and ballroom dancer. Born in Brest, Belarus, Galina moved to New York at age 2. Her mother enrolled her in dance classes when she was 6 and in art classes when she was 9. She continued to study art at Laguardia Arts and later Fordham University. Nowadays, Galina’s preferred mediums are film, photography, and ink.

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