Fireflies – Claire Widman

Artist’s note: “I was walking one early summer evening through a woodsy part of Sleepy Hollow that feels far from civilization. Making my way to the top of a hill that overlooked a vast field, I picked a few raspberries from one of the thousands and sat on a rock to rest. The sun had set on the west side of the Hudson, and twilight crept in. I saw a twinkle, then another and another. As shades of darker greys blanketed the hills, fireflies began ascending. For a brief moment, a primitive fear alerted me to get back home before the sky turned black, but as I watched so many little lights dancing upwards, I was only full of awe and wonder. To capture the intensity of the feeling, I used oil pastels, which allow for the blending of complementary colors in a way that retains their vibrancy.”

Claire Widman is an artist based in Sleepy Hollow, NY. Her career has stretched across several dimensions of the art world, taking her from the animation department at Nickelodeon to illustration for Ad Agencies to eCards and logo design. Widman also taught a children’s drawing class for 10 years, not only instructing her students in fundamentals of the craft, but also inspiring them to express themselves more fully. Her own art echoes this same ambition: to pour her whole self into vivacious work full of movement and energy.

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