Why Do Candles Sing? – Melinda Longtin

Candles sing
Because though they are burning,
They are trapped like kings.
They are locked in castles.
Wicks are voices,
How far they hurl tassels!

Smoke in melodies,
A cry darkens the world,
Painting their harmonies.

Whisk out their flame,
But peace is temporary.
Never the same.

Cut the wick–life.
Burn it until the wax is gone.

They are free,
Branded themselves in zen.

They merge with the wind,
And carry the sky.
Symphony pinned.


About the Author: “The best pictures are those painted in the mind. Language is a great brush, allowing for multiple pictures at once or even ones that move. Through poetry’s magic, I seek to create imagery and metaphors that combine imagination with meaningful concepts and emotions. I am fascinated by the ways reading can be daydreaming through the eyes of others, and hope my craft provides thought-provoking dreams for others.”

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