Untitled – Jason Cariglino

The flicker of the candle …
Often more than I can handle.
For as the light dances
It seems to dismantle,
What i thought was real in the absence of light.
Turns everything white to black
All things wrong to right
The closer I get the less I can see
For in front of the light
Is all that there is only me
So i back away and stare in wonder
The shimmering of shapes. Lightning without thunder.
Is it the sound that I miss?
The silence hard to handle.
Longing for truth and maybe a wish
I think I’ll blow out this flickering candle.


About the Author: Jason Cariglino is a native of Florida, living in Gainesville. He is currently attending Santa Fe College and working towards a degree in Graphic Design. Jason draws his major inspiration from the works of painters such as M.C. Esher and Salvador Dali as well as musicians including Citizen Cope and Kid Cudi. His biggest inspiration is his daughter Lilly.

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