Untitled – Hubert Martin

The flicker of the candle…
Dancing between dark me and still you,
Features illuminate from green eyes to curved lips,
The shifting shades are like blades to our flesh,
They don’t cut, they just slither with sensation,

Our hands are most visible, held clasped stitch tight,
Shadows behind us dancing feverishly in the night,
They move with every flicker of the candle light,

My eyes are black though yours two fiery suns,
You absorb the glowing light while I take in the inky dark,
You blush scarlet and widen your ivory smile while I pause,
The flicker, the flutter, even thoughts can stutter.


About the Author: “I’m 23 years old and currently putting together a poetry collection to be hopefully published by the New Yorker. I have 4 other novels released in the Fantasy genre. I’m hoping to become a force in the world of writing one day.”

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