Spake – Peter deVeber

a warm breeze
from the sea
rustling crumpled paper
from the rickety yellow table
missing a round basket
flying from there
over summers falls
finally back to Aprils
the poet and the music
the stars and the crossings
down the tracks
back to
never faded
never will
poetry is song
the flicker of the candle.


About the Author: Peter DeVeber is a friend of jazz since attending the very first Newport Jazz Festival in 1954. Born in Rockland, Maine, DeVeber grew up and went to schools in Maine and Massachusetts. After graduating from high school, he did a brief tour with remnants of the Beat Generation. DeVeber has drawn and painted for more than sixty years. His work hangs in homes and offices around the country. In 2005 he wrote Lady on the Narrows, a book of haiku, American haiku as defined by Jack Kerouac. Peter’s writing is influenced by Kerouac and other Beat writers. DeVeber has also published two chapbooks, Great Miles and Miles To Go. He likens his painting and writing to boxing and jazz: movement and improvisation.

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