In the Candle Light – Christal Hoffman

The flicker of the candle beckons me out of hiding.

It lulls me into a state of false security…

You are safe in my company…it whispers softly.

But I have learned to understand what has been left unsaid…

To hear nothing when it says, “I love you.”

and sparks towards me… beseechingly.

The small flame of temptation is there…

waiting for me to become undone once again.

But, I have come to understand…

and this enlightenment has hit me with such tortuous clarity

that I will never see the flicker of the candle

as a safe haven again.


About the Author: “I am a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters, as well as a teacher for low income families. My work normally hits me out of nowhere and I can’t focus until I write it down. This is my first publication.”

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